WordPlay™ Shakespeare

Now, Half the Page is a Stage...

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WordPlay Shakespeare eBooks put a film of Shakespeare's plays on the page, next to the text, making Shakespeare easier and more enjoyable to read.

Press the play button below, to see WordPlay in action!

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For the first 10 seconds, you'll just see the text. Then, we'll start the video. See? Easier to understand and enjoy!

As you read the play, actors walk
onto the page, and suddenly, instead of just reading a script, you experience the play as well as getting the benefit of reading the text.

WordPlay Shakespeare also offers a growing set of other educational features, including:

  • A full modern English pop up translation, one tap away.
  • Scene by scene and page by page summaries of each play
  • Pop up character summaries
  • A full modern Spanish pop up translation
  • Guide questions on every page
  • Links to helpful resources, including alternative filmed performances
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