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College Board and The New Book Press have partnered to offer Pre-AP students and teachers full access to the WordPlay Shakespeare eBook series.
WordPlay Shakespeare eBooks provide teachers and students with the full online text of Shakespeare's plays, supported by on-the-page filmed performances, and support materials, including glossaries, modern English and Spanish language translations, links to other resources, scene and page summaries, and integrated dictionaries.
Getting Your School License
If your school is enrolled in Pre-AP for the 2020-2021 school year, and you have not yet received your school-wide username and password, please contact us at the following email:
Provide the following information:
1. Your full school name
2. Your state and county
3. Your first and last name
We will quickly send you the information you need.

Printable Support PDFs for WordPlay eBooks

Logging On
A quick start guide to logging on to WordPlay Shakespeare eBooks, and an overview of the features included in each book, including modern translations in English and Spanish, a full page by page glossary, links to other web based resources, page by page synopses, built in dictionaries, and of course the full filmed performance next to the text.
Quick Start
A two page quick start guide to Romeo and Juliet - the main story, the play's historical background, a list of characters and their relationships to each other, a series of short response questions, a list of figures of speech, and turning points and pivotal moments in the play, with act and scene identifiers.
Username and password
If you have received your school username and password, you can use this PDF to send this information to students and colleagues. This PDF contains instructions on how to use WordPlay, a list of its resources, and specific blank areas left open for you to add the school username and password.
WordPlay eBooks contain a quick synopsis/summary at the start of every scene. This downloadable PDF contains all of the summaries in one document.
Ideas for Teaching Shakespeare
At a loss for ways to teach or handle Shakespeare in your classroom? This PDF provides a few starting ideas to engage students with Romeo and Juliet.
Reading Performers
Reading a character's performance helps students read the text — but how do you read a character's performance? Here are a few tips.
Full Text
Full Text of Romeo and Juliet. Please note this is a large file (14 MB).

What is WordPlay?

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WordPlay is a web based Shakespeare eBook that puts a host of helpful features for reading and enjoying Shakespeare's plays at student and teacher's fingertips. Some of those features include:
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