WordPlay™ Shakespeare

Now, Half the Page is a Stage...

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“A brisk test run had me sold on the merits of the [WordPlay Shakespeare] project...it’s clean, well produced, and easy to use...” More.
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“There are few names on high school reading lists that inspire more fear and dread than William Shakespeare. WordPlay Shakespeare is a study aid that pairs text with videos of professional Shakespearean actors performing the same plays.” More.
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“This enhanced e-book makes the play appealing and graspable to students.... granular focus allows newcomers to experience the nuances of the play, which is rich in irony, hidden intentions and sudden shifts in emotional temperature.... Francesca Faridany is particularly good as a tightly coiled Lady Macbeth; Raphael Nash-Thompson gives his roles as the drunken porter and a witch a garrulousness that carries an entertainingly sinister edge. ” More
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“Reading through a new-to-you Shakespeare play can be daunting, and even downright confusing. That’s why the Education.com staff was so excited to learn about WordPlay™ Shakespeare. The WordPlay Shakespeare series from The New Book Press puts a full filmed performance of Shakespeare’s plays next to the bard’s text, on a tablet or desktop computer.” More.
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“Students were surprised to discover that the digital edition included -- right alongside the text -- video clips of professional actors playing out every scene....My students just jumped right in," [English teacher] Gilbert says, and were undaunted by the complex language and plot turns of the comedy. They thought it was the best thing ever." More.
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“My kids now have access to an amazing new educational resource called WordPlay™ Shakespeare. This engaging ebook series for iOS, featuring clear translations of Shakespeare line by line, could save their grades in English class, and it will most certainly save my sanity as they turn to me for help....This is a totally immersive, interactive learning experience, allowing kids to read, watch, pause, replay, and read again. Brilliant.” More.
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“The WordPlay™ Shakespeare has the added advantage of letting students share...thoughts via social media. The WordPlay™ Shakespeare a hybrid experience that is both expressive and communicative.... and the mediated presence of human actors aids basic comprehension by supplementing spoken verse with action, gesture, and facial expressions. Best of all, I emerged from the “read and watch” experience knowing and even caring about the actors personating Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Macduff, and the rest. More.
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“If you only read the text and you aren’t accustomed to the language, it’s sometimes difficult to get the humor and the heart of the work. This new twist breathes new life into the work. I can’t imagine reading Macbeth for the first time while seeing it performed on the same screen. What a fantastic way to introduce people to Shakespeare! I think this would work particularly well for high school students.” More.